Manage subscription

Subscription can be managed using personal subscription portal provided by our payment processor. To access subscription portal, head to "Subscription" found at navigation bar in the middle of the page or by clicking profile icon on top right corner.

Click "Get 1-time login link" to get a login link to subscription portal.

A login link will be sent to the email you used at checkout page. Click "login" to go to subscription portal. Make sure to check your spam folder.

Once you're in, you will find your order history, saved cards, subscriptions and personal information.

Cancelling subscription and updating billing information

Head to "Subscriptions" tab on left side. To change your card associated with your subscription, click "Change card". If you wish to cancel your subscription, click "Cancel". You may continue to use the purchased products until the end of your subscription billing cycle date, found on your invoice.

Reactivating subscription

You can reactivate your most recent subscription by simply clicking "Reactivate subscription" on Subscription page. You will be billed according to your subscription schedule, found on your invoice. You can also create a new order.

© 2022-2024 All rights reserved.

© 2022-2024 All rights reserved.

© 2022-2024 All rights reserved.