Resolving common issues

I can't see any visuals

Typically this happens when candles or visuals from other indicators are applied on top of indicators like Liquidity prints, making them hard to see or completely hidden.

To bring visuals on top of candles and all other indicators, select indicator on top left corner and click More (●●●). In the menu, select Visual order -> Bring to front. This will make selected indicator visuals highest in priority, setting everything else in the background.

Our indicators have vast amount of visual customization options. If you find default visuals hard to distinguish, we recommend to explore all available visual settings. You will find in-depth guides covering each setting in Premium tools.

Memory limit error

While vast majority of the time not an issue, sometimes you might encounter a "Memory limit exceeded" error. Most of our tools are heavily packed with features, taking a toll on computation resources provided by Tradingview.

Often these issues are resolved by simply switching to the same symbol provided by another broker, e.g. switching EURUSD by FXCM to EURUSD by OANDA.

Calculation time out

Similarly to memory limit error, some of our more computation intensive tools occasionally hit a calculation time out error. However, unlike memory limit error, this error is often resolved by simply removing and reapplying the script again on chart. You can also change any indicator setting to trigger a recalculation.

Script uses seconds-based timeframes

This error occurs on Liquidity composition if your Tradingview plan does not support second based timeframes, which are used on some timeframes to improve accuracy of orderflow data.

Minimum timeframe can be capped to 1 minute by ticking off "Use second timeframes" in settings menu.

© 2022-2024 All rights reserved.

© 2022-2024 All rights reserved.

© 2022-2024 All rights reserved.